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Ten positive affirmations for singers

Ten positive affirmations for singers According to the Webster’s dictionary, the word “affirmation” means: The act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed. The assertion that something exists or is true. Something that is affirmed; a statement or...

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Lilli Lehmann

Lilli Lehmann was a German operatic soprano and lieder singer who was born on November 24, 1848 in Wurzburg, Germany and she died on May 17, 1929 in Berlin. Ms. Lehmann was widely known for her performances as Isolde in Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde. In addition...

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Standard Path For Singers

“STANDARD” PATH FOR SINGERS TO BECOME A “TRAINED” PROFESSIONAL VOCALIST HAS PROBLEMS Start singing young, beginning to take private voice lessons Sing in school and/or church choirs Participate in high school theater and community theater Go to college, university, or...

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When your musical partner is your student!

Happy New Year lovies! You all are SO awesome and I am so excited that you are embracing 2020 with great love for your voice! I am so excited about 2020 because I get to sing with one of my talented students, Riley Hensley. There is nothing better than to be able to...

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Looking at myself

It was like I was looking back at myself as a 12 year old student. I had that low, sultry chest voice. (I still do) but a voice teacher took me away from that chest connection and taught me a head voice. I will be forever grateful to that teacher for doing that for...

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I had the responsibility

I was responsible for my own voice and how it functioned. Every singer is responsible for their own actions for their voice. In order to be responsible, I had to trust myself. Looking back on my initial journey as a soprano, I didn't trust myself to know that I could...

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Thank you for firing me

Hi my dear loves! Some time ago, I was singing a soprano lead in a high-leveled regional opera house. It was hard for me, I never really felt that part. It was a girl that I really couldn't relate to and didn't at the time have the acting chops to undertake. I found...

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“There is something wrong with her voice”

"There is something wrong with that child's voice." My parents heard that a lot when I was a young kid in elementary school. I possessed a very low and rather gravel-like sound for a young child. The voice really didn't fit my body and my youth. I wasn't concerned- it...

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It’s never too late to work on your voice

Hey voice users around the world! Have you ever felt like it's just too late for you to figure out how to really use your voice? Have you ever felt like time has just passed you by and you can't make the clock go back so you can rectify what you think you did wrong on...

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