Student Success Stories

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"Heidi revolutionized my singing. Drawing from her experience at the Metropolitan Opera and other institutions, and from the training she received from some of the world’s best, she has brought my singing to a place I never could have imagined. My technique has never been more sound. She knows the voice. She has an innate gift for hearing potential in a voice and sensing where it most naturally wants to be. She’s helped me to understand and know my voice in a way no one else ever has. She teaches the importance of letting the character envelope you and the piece, that telling the story and communicating with your audience should be paramount in performing. Beyond all of this, Heidi has been a huge support in helping me achieve my goals and dreams. She has been in my corner of the ring from day one. She listens to her students – their concerns, frustrations, goals, ideas, etc. Her studio is gratitude focused and always positive. She nurtures an environment where her students can feel safe to try new things and to share exactly what they feel. I cannot sing Heidi’s praises enough. She is a diamond in the rough, a true gem, and I will be forever grateful for all that she has done for my voice, but more importantly for me as a singer, and student, and a friend."

Kaitlyn Bourne

Soprano, Graduate student of voice and opera attending the Royal Academy of Music in London

"Heidi Skok’s gifted ear as a diagnostician and ability to communicate complex technical ideas in simple, concise ways make her an ideal teacher for singers of all levels. As a young artist, her wide knowledge of repertoire, along with her resonant technical approach, and belief in my talents - helped steer me to the next level of my career.  Her passion and energy in the studio is unmatched, working with her you will fulfill your potential! Her teaching has truly changed my life."

Kirsten Chambers

Soprano with the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Florida Grand Opera, Opera Hong Kong, Most Known for her portrayal of Strauss roles, particularly SALOME

"I studied with Heidi for several years during my formative years as a young singer. I could not have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable voice teacher. Heidi helped me establish a solid and healthy vocal technique that has been vital in my career today. Heidi has a huge amount of knowledge, energy, is extremely patient and kind and goes above and beyond in helping singers find their true voice. I cannot recommend her enough and any singer would be in safe hands with her."

Claudia Huckle

Contralto, graduate of the Royal College of Music, London, the New England Conservatory, the Curtis Institute of Music. Performed with Leipzig Opera, 2004 Grand Final Winner of The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, graduate of the prestigious Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program at Washington National Opera. Claudia is the 2013 winner of the Birgit Nilsson Remembrance Award at Plácido Domingo’s Operalia competition at Verona - the first female, and first British recipient.

"Even though I am not in Heidi Skok's studio physically, it can still feel like I am, even though I only meet with her virtually. Heidi has made it possible, with the great help of Jim, for me to receive the vocal teaching I've been longing for for such a long time via online lessons. In the beginning I was a bit skeptical as to how accurate our lessons would be, but could not have imagined how diligent Skok Studio would be in ensuring that I was provided with top notch care- like providing a high definition web cam and excellent speakers for me so that it'd be like Heidi and I were in the same room together. It's amazing how much my voice has transformed since I started studying with Heidi only 7 months ago. In such a short time, Heidi has not only helped me grow vocally, but mentally as well. She has helped me to understand my voice better than I have had before, thereby helping me understand myself better also. I feel so privileged to have her on this vocal journey with me! All the way from the Bronx, NY to Cleveland, Ohio I look forward to continuing to receive Heidi's intuitive guidance and insight that is helping me to grow into the singer I've always wanted to be."

Sarah Bacote

“Heidi truly is the best! I’ve always been musically inclined but I never could figure out singing by myself. Nor did I have the confidence to be front and center like singers are. I’ve only been with Heidi for about a month and completely lacked chest voice when we started. Heidi not only helped find it but assisted in reaching notes and abilities I never knew I had. I cannot wait to see where the journey leads!”

Taylor Daubenmire

“Heidi Skok introduced me to a mind-body voice connection that has completely changed my sound for the better. After singing for more than 50 years I can honestly say that at 65 years old, I’ve never sounded better. Skokstudio has introduced me to demonstrably better support, sound production, and healthy singing. Thank you, Heidi! Greg Gnau. #OPERAat65”

Greg Gnau

“Heidi is a first class instructor and musician. She is patient and takes the time to teach my two young singers proper technique. They’ve learned and progressed an incredible amount in the short time (months) that we’ve been with Heidi and we are so grateful for her instruction and inspiration.”

Sara Stovall

“My online lessons have been transformative. Heidi has found volume and range in my voice that I didn’t know I had. She has taught me how to be the singer I want to be — and we have never met in person!”

Judith Ballan

“My daughter has been working with Heidi for the past four years. Heidi has not only taught her how to use her voice like an instrument, but she has given her confidence . It’s been an amazing experience. Heidi is truly a great teacher. I highly recommend her!”

Kathleen Russell

“I’ve gone to Heidi for vocal training for nearly six years now, her are comprehensive, easy to understand, and a completely trans-formative experience for the voice.”

Riley Scharf

“Throughout my time working with Heidi, I was able to heal vocal cord nodules that even professional speech therapy could not fix! As a music education major with a primary instrument in voice, this was crucial to my schooling and future professional endeavors. Not only were my nodes healed, but my voice was strengthened overall and we also identified other strong registers in the process. I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone working to overcome vocal cord issues!”

Chrissy Stack

“The technique Heidi teaches works! I have been teaching voice on a collegiate level for the past 11 years and have studied voice with many good teachers but only Heidi has been able to help me vocally like no one else could. I spent 20 years feeling like no matter how hard I practiced I just couldn’t get it right. Heidi helped me (and is still helping me) feel more grounded and connected to my body when I sing. She is a great teacher and helps you learn how good singing should feel. Heidi has truly transformed my way of singing and teaching! Studying voice with Heidi is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Jennifer Smith

“When my daughter started with Heidi 6 weeks ago she had no self confidence at all. She had no idea how high her voice would go and is actually still learning. Heidi has taken a shy young lady into and amazing confident singer. She has completed the above in 3 short hours and I just can’t wait to see what is next. I just can’t say enough good about Heidi’s teaching techniques they seemed a little strange at first but the product that comes from them continues to amaze me. I consider it money well spent.”

Margaret Bentley

“Just wanted to send a quick thank you for these past 6 months of lessons. The improvement is way more than I expected, and exciting. It dawned on me this week that I have not had to ‘rest’ my voice due to strain or injury for a single day over this whole time. That is amazing!  Thank you for your method of teaching that helps a student evolve dramatically without risk of ‘down’ time. Just sayin’!”

Jerry Hinkel

“Wow! My experience with Heidi has truly been transforming! I have always loved singing and it’s been a lifelong dream to become an actually good singer. I sang in high school and took voice lessons but then stopped when I went to college. After college, I started my career as a teacher and got married and had my daughter. Then at 38, I decided that I still wanted to pursue the dream and I did! I started searching the internet and it quickly became apparent that Heidi Skok was the best and even a veteran singer of the Metropolitan Opera! I decided to take the plunge and I was really nervous before my first lesson. Here I am, this 38 year old wife, mom, and teacher that wants to take voice lessons from an extremely accomplished and experienced teacher…and I haven’t sung in over a decade. Instantly, Heidi made me feel welcome and important. She was confident, positive, and very engaging! I was hooked and kept going back. The process has not been easy, the struggle was real…but Heidi told me that I shouldn’t expect it to be easy. She explained that it was going to take time, patience, practice, and a positive attitude. I appreciated her honest answer and I so appreciate and am forever grateful for her technical training! That was exactly what I needed! I needed someone to teach me how to sing from the ground-up. We did so many different vocal exercises; I stood on exercise balls, used Pilates bars…whatever it took for me to understand what I needed to feel and do. I have improved significantly and I’m becoming a good singer. It’s an amazing feeling and I couldn’t be happier! Heidi has an amazing ability to connect with her students and get to know them really well as singers and people. She can train ALL kinds of voices from classical, musical theater, pop, and country. Learning how to sing in head voice has been my greatest challenge but I’m figuring it out and now I’m even working on some belting. It’s truly been one of the BEST journeys of my life! And I can’t wait to continue…”

Dana McKinney

“Over many years as a voice professor and opera performer, Heidi has developed the ability to find a very creative and personalized approach to coaching each individual student. She has flipped several switches in my own mind that have led to complete breakthroughs in my understanding.”

Matt Bangerter

"I had a wonderful experience in the Belting 1 Class. Heidi has a genuine, unaffected warmth and is committed to seeing her students succeed. With Heidi's guidance, I've discovered a whole new sound and can access a part of my voice that had previously felt closed off. I'm excited to continue with the next course!"

Teri Kowiak

Professional Singer, Voice Instructor, www.terikowiak.com

"This class helped me gain much more confidence in belting because I learned how to do it with the proper technique. These skills have opened a new door of opportunities. I believe that I am now one step closer to being a more versatile singer."

Samantha Stack

Student of Vocal Performance at Bowling Green State University

"Heidi's belting class helped me discover a completely new and wonderful part of my voice.  Not only has it been a fun discovery to know that I have the ability to belt and now sing along with all my favorite rock songs, but this new training has immensely helped improve my singing overall."

Luana Berger


"This class has really helped me connect to my lower breathing like nothing else has. I have actually gained more power in my voice working the lower breathing and belting technique. Opera singers, especially sopranos, often neglect the lower range as the repertoire sits higher, however the voice is better balanced when worked at both ends. And I mean really worked and not just passing over the lower range in a few exercises. Truly beneficial workshop. Loved it! Heidi is a skilled and insightful vocal coach with years of experience. She really understands the voice."

Elisabeth Rundlette De Simone

Voice Teacher at International School of Siena