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Heidi Skok has been teaching since 1995 and is a former Metropolitan Opera Artist. Ms. Skok has helped hundreds of singers find their voices over the years. She prepares singers to understand their own voices so they can meet the demands of being a professional singer in today’s world using Heidi’s own transformative REST Vocal Technique. Please see heidiskok.com for Heidi’s vocalist website.




Online "Virtual" Lessons

All “Virtual” lessons are taught Online using Zoom at Skokstudio. The benefit is that students can take the lessons from their location anywhere in the world and still receive the same powerfully effective training. From our studio located in Mentor, Ohio we have optimal sound and video that is monitored and maintained by our Studio Technology Manager during every lesson and class.

Why Online Voice Lessons

Super convenient for today's busy schedule

Save transportation time and fuel expense! Never miss a lesson due to bad weather or heavy traffic again!

Connect anywhere in the world

Connect with Skokstudio privately, from anywhere in the world over Zoom.

Sounds like you're there in person!

Our studio’s video conferencing system has been optimized for Zoom to eliminate distortion and reduce lag or delay. Instructor and students see and hear each other and the accompanying keyboard with crystal clarity, synchronized together. High-speed Internet connection, home computer/laptop and webcam are required.

Why should I choose Skokstudio?

Transform Your Voice

Skokstudio rapidly transforms voices seeking technical development in any genre.

Industry Standards

Skokstudio prepares vocalists for what today’s world demands of the successful professional singer.

Teaching Style

Teaching pedagogy and philosophy based on the fundamentals of classical training and the work of Lilli Lehmann, which Heidi Skok has creatively incorporated in her REST™ Vocal Technique Program.

Teaching For Real Life

Singers of every music genre must create their own jobs and opportunities today. This uncomfortable idea is not taught at conservatories and in higher education, and the result is that many singers do not discover how to launch their career. Skokstudio helps each student identify and advance toward their own individual vocal development goals with a solid vocal technique that can be applied to any music genre.

We Prepare You

Not only must a vocalist have a solid vocal technique, but you must have the ability to present yourself professionally as a performing live vocalist and/or recording vocal artist. We help you build the tools beyond the voice by providing opportunities to perform and record with our partner organizations!

Save Money

Singers don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to attend a college or university conservatory, going into debt. Skokstudio offers you affordable vocal instruction taught by the most highly qualified Master Instructor who has served on many voice faculties in the US, at both college conservatories and universities. Ms. Skok understands the conservatory/university curriculum and setting. Only pay for the education you need, not for the additional repetition of your high school classes plus expensive campus lodging!

Student Success Stories

“Heidi Skok’s gifted ear as a diagnostician and ability to communicate complex technical ideas in simple, concise ways make her an ideal teacher for singers of all levels. As a young artist, her wide knowledge of repertoire, along with her resonant technical approach, and belief in my talents – helped steer me to the next level of my career.  Her passion and energy in the studio is unmatched, working with her you will fulfill your potential! Her teaching has truly changed my life.”

Kirsten Chambers

Soprano with the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, Florida Grand Opera, Opera Hong Kong, Most Known for her portrayal of Strauss roles, particularly SALOME

“Heidi revolutionized my singing. Drawing from her experience at the Metropolitan Opera and other institutions, and from the training she received from some of the world’s best, she has brought my singing to a place I never could have imagined. My technique has never been more sound. She knows the voice. She has an innate gift for hearing potential in a voice and sensing where it most naturally wants to be. She’s helped me to understand and know my voice in a way no one else ever has. She teaches the importance of letting the character envelope you and the piece, that telling the story and communicating with your audience should be paramount in performing. Beyond all of this, Heidi has been a huge support in helping me achieve my goals and dreams. She has been in my corner of the ring from day one. She listens to her students – their concerns, frustrations, goals, ideas, etc. Her studio is gratitude focused and always positive. She nurtures an environment where her students can feel safe to try new things and to share exactly what they feel. I cannot sing Heidi’s praises enough. She is a diamond in the rough, a true gem, and I will be forever grateful for all that she has done for my voice, but more importantly for me as a singer, and student, and a friend.”

Kaitlyn Bourne

Soprano, Graduate student of voice and opera attending the Royal Academy of Music in London

“I studied with Heidi for several years during my formative years as a young singer. I could not have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable voice teacher. Heidi helped me establish a solid and healthy vocal technique that has been vital in my career today. Heidi has a huge amount of knowledge, energy, is extremely patient and kind and goes above and beyond in helping singers find their true voice. I cannot recommend her enough and any singer would be in safe hands with her.” 

Claudia Huckle

Contralto, graduate of the Royal College of Music, London, the New England Conservatory, the Curtis Institute of Music. Performed with Leipzig Opera, 2004 Grand Final Winner of The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, graduate of the prestigious Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program at Washington National Opera. Claudia is the 2013 winner of the Birgit Nilsson Remembrance Award at Plácido Domingo’s Operalia competition at Verona - the first female, and first British recipient.

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