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Skokstudio Student Jerry Hinkel works with Heidi Skok
Skokstudio Student Jerry Hinkel works with Heidi Skok

Taking lessons at Skokstudio

The REST™ Vocal Technique

Over the last three decades Heidi Skok has developed the REST™ Vocal Technique, her own philosophy of teaching inspired by what she learned from the teachings of the great German soprano and teacher Lilli Lehmann (1849-1928, Author of “How to Sing”). Ms. Skok has developed her own teaching pedagogy further into a highly interactive vocal program based on a lively, engaging delivery of Lilli’s classical principles.

The “REST” name comes from the technique’s characteristic “Resonance, Sensory, Tactile” features, as well as from the stress-free singing that it produces. Singers of all genres and development levels use the REST Vocal Technique to establish a strong vocal foundation, to sing without vocal stress, and to transform their voices. Read More about Lilli Lehmann!

REST™ Toolkit

The program also implements the REST™ Toolkit, which contains several therapeutic tactile and sensory items along with some light athletic equipment items that Heidi has chosen, all curated from a few trusted vendors. Heidi uses these items to teach by sensory action, through demonstrating the use of head voice, chest voice, a combination of the chest and head dominance,  breath support and air flow, sensation and placement of the tongue, and vowel placement.

These seven to ten different “tools” are utilized in vocal exercises that Heidi Skok has specifically created to illustrate her methodology. Technical vocal concepts are not simply just explained, they are shown to the singer and demonstrated first-hand using these tools. These selected tactile items are engaging, and help singers immediately apply the vocal concepts in the REST Vocal Technique. In-Studio/Hybrid Student Studio Members are distibuted items from the REST Toolkit “as needed” during regular In-Person lessons for no additional fee.

  • Ms. Skok currently teaches one-on-one private singing lessons and offers professional vocal coaching

  • Classes, Masterclasses, and other group-format lessons are also offered at specific times and upon request

  • In-person lessons/coaching are offered at the Cleveland (Mentor), Ohio Studio Location at 8789 Mentor Avenue

  • Virtual lessons/coaching are offered using Zoom, and optimized by our studio technology manager who assists with every student’s home setup

  • Every lesson is carefully planned and tailored to each student

  • LESSON RECORDINGS: All In-person lessons at the Mentor studio and Online/Virtual lessons can also be video recorded for students to use during practice between lessons each week and to chart their vocal development over time


“Just wanted to send a quick thank you for these past 6 months of lessons. The improvement is way more than I expected, and exciting. It dawned on me this week that I have not had to ‘rest’ my voice due to strain or injury for a single day over this whole time. That is amazing!  Thank you for your method of teaching that helps a student evolve dramatically without risk of ‘down’ time. Just sayin’!”

Jerry Hinkel

What to Expect

Unlike what is portrayed in movies and on tv, singers in the real world require long term training and simply do not develop to their fullest ability overnight.

While true that transformative advances in vocal development can take place rapidly for students who apply themselves, the mature formation of a foundation of core technique is charted over the course of years, not months or weeks.

Furthermore, when vocal development is taking place it simply does not continue to progress without consistent commitment to both regular lessons and weekly practice. A singer must be prepared to devote a great deal of time, effort, and resources to advance as a professional vocalist.

Heidi Skok makes a similar commitment when working with a student, and endeavors to establish a positive, encouraging, relationship of trust with each new student. This special mentoring relationship between a voice student and teacher must be nurtured over time for it to flourish.

For this reason, Skokstudio will dedicate no less than a year of time when working with each new singer, and thus seeks students who are also committed to that minimum length of study.

Skokstudio welcomes all talented singers, at all levels of development, who have a desire to sing well, a willingness to learn, and the dedication that is required to become a successful vocalist. Our students are presently somewhere on their journey as a singer and are seeking not only to strengthen the foundation of their vocal ability, but to take their vocal development in the direction they desire to grow.

Start Taking Lessons at Skokstudio

1. All new students must first take an initial Welcome Lesson.

2. Once a student has taken a Welcome Lesson, they may take begin taking regular weekly lessons by becoming a Studio Member. Students become a Studio Member by starting a Studio Membership subscription, which requires payment of the first month lesson fee. There is no additional Registration fee to start up a Studio Membership, students pay only for the number of hours of lessons each month. Studio Membership is a 12-month subscription that automatically bills your credit card each month for the following month’s lesson fee.

3. Studio Members are then permitted to schedule regular weekly lessons, reserved at the same time slot each week. Studio Members receive a 33% discount off of the standard hourly lesson rate, in addition to many other benefits.

More advanced students and professional vocalists who do not require regular weekly lessons may also take individual lessons and multiple-lesson packages without becoming a Studio Member, but do not receive the 33% off discount from the standard lesson rate.

4. NOTE: ALL Students must also have their own external USB microphone and Bluetooth headphones, or must rent/purchase the Enhanced Online Equipment Toolkit from the studio.

Ready to start taking Lessons? 


or, if you have already taken a Welcome Lesson,


What happens in a Skokstudio voice lesson?

Lesson Length

Skokstudio offers 30, 45, or 60 minute length lesson sessions. Students under 18 are not permitted to take more than one 30-minute lesson per day.

All lessons begin with a brief moment of focus on positivity. Master Instructor Heidi Skok traditionally uses three quick positive quotes, generically taken at random from notable literary and historical figures. Lessons each begin with initial breath work using two different breath techniques that Heidi Skok favors and then goes into calm mental preparation. Skokstudio understands the importance of having one’s mind be clear and on a positive track so that the work also follows a path of positivity and achievement, which in turn provides a feeling of confidence and self-love.

Each lesson then follows with lip-flutter and tongue-flutter exercises. These exercises will last five to ten minutes, depending on the student ability. Again, also depending on student ability, in a 30-minute lesson there will then be two to three specially crafted exercises that handle areas of breath support, chest voice, head voice, and the combination of head and chest.

A lesson will have four to six custom exercises. Some of these exercises will utilize the REST™ Toolkit of auxiliary tools that Heidi Skoks will distribute as needed. Heidi Skok meets the individual need of the singers as the work is being done, and addresses issues and works to solve them in the moment. Singers develop confidence as they work through the technical process.

For each 30-minute lesson, Master Instructor Heidi Skok has either assigned one to two songs, or the student has chosen for themselves. A 45 or 60-minute lesson will have three to four songs that will be worked on, which will be either assigned or chosen by the student. Songs are selected that are a good technical fit with respect to range, ability, and style for the individual voice. The instructor does assign Classical repertoire to each student, but for technical purposes, only. The student then sings in any genre that their voice best resides.

You are known as an opera singer. Do you teach any other music genres besides opera?

Yes. Heidi Skok has the ability to plug formal classical vocal technique into all genres. She creatively teaches by uniquely incorporating the use of a variety of auxiliary tools that she has researched and applied to vocal development. Heidi Skok is patient and able to explain concepts in many different ways so that the student can understand and put the work into action. Her own experience as a trained vocalist who also sings pop, jazz and contemporary gives her the insight to determine a student’s present needs at their current state of vocal development, and to precisely meet the needs that are being presented to her in any genre. 

Heidi Skok’s Personal Journey of Vocal Development
Heidi started her singing life with pop music and only gravitated into Classical style and opera when her voice teacher guided her there after having learned to really utilize head voice at a very young age. And, after a successful opera career as a soprano, Heidi went back to her low voice roots as a mezzo and has gotten back to singing pop music. Utilizing her own classical technique which she has developed, Heidi has a great low belt to her pop and now successfully teaches other singers how to belt. Read more about Heidi Skok’s journey.

What genres of singing do you teach?

Skokstudio works with all genres of singing. Heidi Skok has developed The REST™ Vocal Technique to be applied to all genres. It is a vocal technique that is easily plugged into all ways of singing. Heidi Skok instructs singers of jazz, pop, country, rap, blue grass, blues, rock, soul, gospel, and musical theater, as well as opera/classical. The classical technique that she teaches provides the strongest foundation to support singing in any genre. The correct application of the classical method of singing in this way brings the solid vocal development necessary for effortless, “healthy” singing in any genre.

What’s the difference between "Virtual/Online" voice lessons and "In-person" voice lessons?

In-person lessons are taught only on location at the Mentor, Ohio studio location, while Online lessons are delivered via Zoom to the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. The training and content that is taught to each student is the same whether delivered in-person or online.  However, the benefit of online lessons with Skokstudio is that students can take lessons from anywhere in the world and still receive the same incredible training experience that they would get in person at the studio. 

What about student accompaniment?
  • With online lessons over Zoom, the songs in lessons are sung either acapella, with Karaoke, or while singing along with another artist on YouTube.
  • For some repertoire, Heidi Skok can record on the keyboard for the singer, and upload to the singer so that on the singer’s end, they can play the accompaniment and sing to it.
  • Additionally, students may use phone apps that provide accompaniment.
Do I receive any items when I become a Studio Member at Skokstudio?

FOR NO ADDITIONAL FEE Skokstudio will provide select items “AS NEEDED” TO IN-PERSON STUDIO MEMBERS during In-Person lessons from the REST™ Toolkit , containing the seven to ten physical accessory items that Heidi Skok uses to teach her REST™ Vocal Technique.

The current components of the toolkit are: 

  • Yoga Mat (foldable, travel)
  • Yoga Block
  • Yoga Ball (large 45″)
  • 5 Vocal Therapy Oral Toys
  • Four whole walnuts (Please notify studio of nut allergies)

NOTE: Fitness and vocal related accessories may be added or removed from the REST Toolkit.

The REST Toolkit is also available for purchase independently by Virtual/Online Studio Member Students to use in Virtual/Online Lessons, as well as non-Studio Members for an $80 fee plus shipping. Contact the Studio Manager, Jim at info@skokstudio.org to get your REST Toolkit!

Learn More About Student Studio Membership
  • Students must have an active Studio Membership to regularly attend weekly lessons at Skokstudio. 
  • Studio Members receive a discount price of $100/hr for private vocal instruction lessons.

    This is a discount of 33% off the standard rate of $150/hr.

  • Skokstudio not only provides individual and group private lessons for students who are Studio Members, but also additionally offers special “Pro-Singer Lessons and Coaching” vocal instruction to advanced-level or professional singers who do not want to Enroll. “Pro-Singer” instruction is offered in formats such as flexible-schedule individual lessons (only for advanced professionals).
    LEARN MORE ABOUT Pro-Singer Lessons and Coaching

  • After taking an initial Welcome Lesson, new student candidates may purchase a Studio Membership at any time during the year.
  • Studio Membership is for a term of one year that begins on the date of registration.
What days and times are available for regular weekly lessons?

Skokstudio is open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

  • Monday through Thursday: 3:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Friday: 4:30pm to 8:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Skokstudio observes the following holidays and will be closed.

  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 29, 2023
  • Juneteenth: Monday, June 19, 2023
  • Independence Day: Tuesday, July 4, 2023
  • Labor Day: Monday, September 4, 2023
  • Thanksgiving Day: Thursday, November 23, 2023
  • Friday after Thanksgiving Day: Friday, November 24, 2023
  • Winter Holiday Season Break 2022-23: Monday, December 25, 2023 – Tuesday, January 2, 2024
How much do lessons at Skokstudio cost?
  • There is no additional initial “Registration Fee” or “Annual Membership Fee” to startup a lesson membership. You pay only for the first month of lessons when you begin a Studio Membership.
  • The standard hourly lesson rate for non-Studio Members is $150/hr.
  • The hourly lesson rate for Studio Members is $100/hr. Studio Members receive a 33% discount off of the standard hourly lesson rate.
  • Studio Memberships are available in several monthly package pricing combinations to suit all development levels, personal schedules, and financial needs. Studio Memberships can be purchased as either “VIRTUAL” or “IN-STUDIO/HYBRID” and there is no difference in price between them.


    2 hours/month, taken as Four 30-minute lessons/month
    2.5 hours/month, taken as Five 30-minute lessons/month (EXTRA DISCOUNT!)
    3 hours/month taken as Four 45-minute lessons/month

    4 hours/month
    Youth under 18: Eight 30-minute lessons/month
    Adult: Four 60-minute lessons/month
    1.5 hours/month
    Three 30-minute lessons/month
    Two 45-minute lessons/month (Advanced/Pro only)


Studio Membership Student Benefits

Video recordings of both Virtual and In-person lessons can be provided for each student for review and practice between lessons.

Students may freely schedule lessons optionally as either In-Person or Virtual/Online when convenient.

Easy 24/7 online self-scheduling/rescheduling.


Guaranteed fixed or flexible weekly time slots every month.

Students receive email notifications of upcoming lessons.

Students are invited to participate in the Skokstudio Student Facebook Group, featuring special live video posts by Heidi Skok, new weekly content, and “members-only” posts covering the REST™Vocal Technique.

Students are eligible to receive free promotional exposure on social media and website, if desired.

Subscription packages of lessons offer Studio Member students a 33% discount from the standard single-lesson fee rate.

Tuition is paid in easy monthly installments, automatically billed to credit card for convenience.

Scheduled upcoming lessons can be added to student’s own Google and/or Outlook calendar.


The REST™ Toolkit

The REST™ Toolkit contains six or seven auxiliary vocal therapeutic tools and fitness equipment utilized in Skokstudio lessons. In-Person students are distibuted items from the REST Toolkit as is appropriate during regular lessons. The REST Toolkit can also be purchased by virtual/online students for an additional fee to cover shipping costs.


Weekly Studio Livestream for Students

The Weekly Studio Livestream is streamed live to the Skokstudio Vocal Instruction YouTube Channel, where current Skokstudio students are offered the additional opportunity to come together as a group online with Heidi Skok once a week on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm EST.

Students grow as performers and learn by helping each other grow though demonstrating, accepting, and encouraging each other’s work and talent. Heidi Skok offers  additional guidance to attending students as they perform whatever they’re currently working on. This is a safe place for students to gain their footing as live performers, in this new era of live online performance.

The Weekly Studio Livestream for 2023 will begin again in early March.

Subscribe to the Skokstudio Vocal Instruction YouTube Channel and Join us there for a great time together each week on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm EST!

Studio Memberships


When registering, you will choose whether you prefer:


(Virtual/Online lessons using Zoom – ONLY)



(Provides both In-Person AND optional Virtual lessons using Zoom)

If you have already taken a Welcome Lesson,



PACKAGE PRICES FROM $150/month to $400/month

 Now Accepting New Students 

Take an introductory 
Welcome Lesson as the first step to becoming a student at Skokstudio

Skokstudio welcomes dedicated voice students of all experience levels and genres, from all walks of life, and from all over the world, who are driven to sing and who are committed to doing the technical vocal work necessary to develop as a singer.

Welcome Lesson

30 minutes @ $50.00

This 30-minute WELCOME LESSON is an initial PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL VOICE LESSON with Heidi Skok. A Welcome Lesson is the first step to become a student at Skokstudio. This is an opportunity to share your vocal goals and background with Ms. Skok, and will be conducted as a standard Skokstudio lesson. This lesson is offered at a special 33% discount off of the standard hourly lesson rate.

During the Welcome Lesson, Ms. Skok will identify your voice type and range after listening to your current vocal production. She will also introduce you to her teaching method, including breathing exercises to increase breath support and vocal exercises from her REST(TM) vocal technique, and will then custom-tailor a vocal development plan for you at Skokstudio.

Additionally, your lesson will be video recorded and sent to you both if taking a Welcome Lesson virtually or In-person at the Mentor studio.




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