Hey voice users around the world! Have you ever felt like it’s just too late for you to figure out how to really use your voice? Have you ever felt like time has just passed you by and you can’t make the clock go back so you can rectify what you think you did wrong on your vocal journey? I have. Boy, have I. I have had quite a journey with my voice and within this blog and my social media pages, I am going to be talking about that journey with you all. I don’t have any secrets to hide-I just have a big desire to help others avoid some of the pitfall journey that I had. However for all the trial and some tribulations in my history, I remain positive and my blog is positive. If I had not gone through all that I went through, I would not be where I am today. You have to remember that the journey is yours, not that of someone else. I spent a lot of time trying to please others, when had I listened to my own gut, I probably would have traveled further, in a more straight line, (I eventually found myself) and would have engaged with my voice much quicker.

Tomorrow’s blog will begin the outlay of my journey. Who knows….maybe my blogging will turn into a book. I have had many people say I need to write a book on my vocal road. I know SO SO much though now because of my journey and have been able to help a lot of singers. See you tomorrow!

Love you,
Heidi Skok

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Posted by Skokstudio Vocal Instruction LLC on Thursday, December 5, 2019